Take a look at the galleries listed to the left. There you will find photographs from my collection.

Perhaps my biggest project to date, “Around One,” is a photographic journey along US 1 from one end to the other: Canadian border to Key West, Florida. A journey of over 2000 miles, US1 bears many names as it passes through small towns and large cities. It also bears witness to the changes that have occurred over time. Forty Eight of these images are presented in the traveling solo exhibition, “The Road Less Taken,” curated by McKissick Museum in Columbia, South Carolina.

I have also been fortunate to have documented the final two shuttle flights of the US Space Shuttle program. Both orbiters, Endeavour and Atlantis, are beautiful machines, put together by a very large family. When I first visited Kennedy Space Center, I had no expectations. My nervousness upon approaching the compound was reduced considerably by the guard at the gate who bid me enjoy my visit and to have a good day. The sense of camaraderie among the space workers is clearly felt at Kennedy, and they were quick to share that spirit with me. It was sad for me to realize how many of them would no longer have a job there after Atlantis once again touched this Earth.

My infrared gallery contains images I have made using infrared film (both color and black and white) or digitally using an infrared converted Canon 20D.


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